We rejoice in creating beautiful and functional accessories designed to empower and adorn women worldwide

 Embody lifestyle

Ezillia is a Ukrainian brand of exclusive handmade bags founded by Ukrainian designer Tatiana Popova in 2021. Tatiana was initially inspired to create her unique designs by women — divine creatures that naturally long to be surrounded by beauty and represent beauty themselves in all its forms.

Live in the moment

Tatiana is a dedicated traveler and knows for sure that beauty and functionality are everything modern women need in a bag. That’s why each item in her collections combines both of these features. Whether it’s a fashion function or a lazy day by the beach, rest assured your look will be complemented by a bag that is hard to overlook. 

We don't accept ordinary

To ensure all bags will serve their owners for life, Tatiana uses only eco-friendly and durable materials such as Moroccan palm leaves, eco-leather and Italian hardware in her production. As for the outstanding designs, Tatiana sources her experience in boho and ancient roman style with a touch of art-deco. With such attention to detail, your Ezillia bag will never go unnoticed and will perfectly match any outfit including a swimsuit. So why wait? Check out our collections and see for yourselves!