• Emily Johnson
  • Sarah Matthews
  • Rachel Lee


She’s a confident, glamorous woman motivated by her own potential. She’s a talented, magnetic being in her divine feminine. She’s a queen. Queens claim their natural right to the best things. Ezillia brand is one of them.


When creating a collection, not only do I rely on the selected theme, a certain combination of styles, colors, or materials but also on global trends women opt for today.
A modern woman is self-sufficient, values her time, and is always on the go. That’s why she needs accessories that could give any of her looks an effortless wow effect regardless of whether she’s wearing casual jeans or a swimsuit.
She needs accessories that embody the essence of a woman - power, softness, and authenticity. When working on each detail I always make sure that my products communicate a clear message to all women worldwide: “Be strong and shine!”